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 Events and Work Parties

Work Party

9th and 10th December 2023

Post season preparation of the lodge. Includes firewood, cleaning and stocktaking.

16th and 17th March 2024

General maintenance tasks (Roof painting weather permitting)

25 and 26 May 2024

Pre season stocking a few repairs and small load of firewood to stack


If we all pitch in, the lodge will be in great condition for many more years to come.

For those of you thinking it's easier to pay for the work party buy out, it is more cost effective for us to do the work ourselves than pay contractors and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed.  We will also pay for members petrol costs if two or more members are sharing a ride. 

There are also members who have not completed their compulsory 2 workparties upon joining, you will be contacted to ensure you attend one of these workparties or you could contact Matt to put your name down.  

So pitch in and bring a carload down to the mountain and make a weekend of it over summer - the lodge will love you for it.

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