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  • Pillow slips must be used on club supplied pillows and you must bring your own warm bedding.
  • Bunks – make sure you put your name on the bunk list on the notice board for the CORRECT bunk on arrival and wipe it off again when you leave! If not, your sleep may be disturbed by another claimee.
  • A Lodge Officer must be appointed no matter how small the group. (This is usually done by the Booking Secretary). Someone has to be responsible for safety and security in the lodge. Lodge Officer instructions are located in a blue covered folder, on the walls of the men’s and women’s bathrooms and on the notice board.
  • Lodge list is down loaded from the bookings page on www.arlberg.co.nz. Phone is by, and fax is in, the cupboard by the pantry. Please don’t touch the switch on the phone. If it is down you can’t hear it ringing. Always check to see if there are any faxes.
  • Prepare a pantry stock take, enter on the computor and email to food@arlberg.co.nz on Sat or Sun.
  • NEVER, NEVER turn off the switch marked HEATING!!! Or switch off the fridges in the pantry and leave to defrost.
  • Day Lock – The lodge is kept on daylock system during season, the current combination is supplied by the Booking Confirmation email when you make a booking.
  • Noise - other than on notified party weekends noise level must be toned down in consideration of those asleep and there is to be no excessive noise after midnight.
  • Consideration of others is the key to the lodge working well and being a fun place for everyone. Be considerate and helpful to members and guests at all times.
  • Duties: Everyone must do their assigned duties. The Lodge Officer is responsible for assigning duties and for checking that they have been done. But it often doesn’t stop there. Please help out where you see help is needed.
  • Lunch – lunches are not normally part of the food covered by lodge fees. It is OK to have lunch in the lodge when not skiing due to inclement weather. It is also OK to use up leftovers from the fridge, provided you check with the Lodge Officer that they are not needed for other purposes. It is NOT OK to go into the pantry to get food to take up the mountain.
  • Dehumidifier in the upstairs drying room. Turn on only when needed and off when not. Use the upstairs drying room when low numbers in the lodge.
  • Downstairs drying room: Use for boots and outer gear, especially when really wet or when more than ten people in the lodge.
  • If you have any problems about anything to do with the lodge or the club please contact the appropriate committee member rather than the Booking Secretary.
  • No smoking: The lodge is a no smoking zone!

When using the lodge, especially if you are likely to be first in:

  • Take a good torch to light the way (and in case you get a puncture).
  • Never turn off the 24 hour light switch –only touch the A and B switches
  • You are responsible for any guests that you have sponsored
  • When you arrive at the lodge please use the white board markers provided to write your name on a bunk (on the plan).
  • When staying at the lodge you must perform any tasks assigned to you by the Lodge Officer at the time requested. On arrival, check to see what duties you have to perform. You may be on breakfast.
  • The phone is toll barred. All toll calls must be made collect.
  • Read the Food Procedures, Emergency procedures etc in the members handbook.
  • Make sure that you leave the lodge in secure state. Make sure that all external doors and windows are shut and locked. During the ski season the main external door is left on day lock. Ensure that it is. The combination day lock must be used at all times even when there are members in the lodge.
  • If you are the last person to leave at the end of a weekend or any other time when no other members are expected, check all windows and doors are locked; check the electricity switches and lock the main door behind you.
  • If you leave early and you are the last to leave tell the Booking Secretary. Instances have happened where incoming guests have arrived with no key as the lodge was expected to be already occupied.
  • Senior members may sponsor up to 5 non-members. Booking procedures are documented elsewhere. Follow them.
    You should accompany any prospective members who you have sponsored when they do their work parties.
  • Always leave the lodge clean and tidy. Don’t assume people will be coming in after you. They may not.
  • Use of lodge during day when not staying. Always consider the people who have booked in and are staying. By all means have a cup of coffee etc. However food is usually prepared for the numbers booked in. If you have a shower, breakfast, dinner or anything else which a "visitor" would not normally do then a donation towards costs should be made.
  • If you cancel at the last minute please let the lodge and/or the Booking Secretary know.
  • If you decide to stay at the lodge "on the spur of the moment" you must make a Booking as soon as possible as availability is updated online instantly.

The key is : take personal responsibility – it is your asset!

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