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Visitors who come and experience our wonderful club with great location, warm friendly environment and very affordable rates.  

If you decide to join within the same year we will backdate YOUR night rates to member rates

Staying in a great lodge, high on the mountain, with dinner, bed and breakfast for just $35 a night, who wouldn't want to join Arlberg?  First step in becoming a member is that your application needs to be sponsored by a current member.

If you don't know any members, no problem, just Click Here to contact a Committee member.

Once you have a sponsor, complete an application form and submit it. For a copy of the form and an information sheet for prospective members see below.

Senior Application

Junior Application Form

Once your application has been approved, you can join immediately by paying your Entrance Fee and first Annual Subscription. New members are also expected to participate in a couple of weekend working parties at the lodge. Your first work party must be completed within 12 months of joining and your second one must be completed within two years.

Entrance Fees

Senior Member (23 years and over*) Was $350 now $150

Spouse / partner  $350 now $75

Juniors (between 12 and 19* (or to 23* years for a Junior with 5 years in the club) $30

Children (under 12*) - no entrance fee

(*as at 31 December in the year you join)

The spouse of an existing member may apply to join at a later date. Until then, if they stay at the lodge they pay non-member accommodation rates and have no booking privileges. Entrance fee is $75

Members' children aged under 12 can stay at the lodge for the member accommodation rate. In the year that a member's child turns 12, the member can either apply for the child to become a junior member or begin paying non-member accommodation rates for them. 

A junior member can apply to be a senior member in the year they turn 23. Entrance fee is $65

Annual Subscriptions

Senior Member $235, with $20 discount for due date payment (31 May)

Junior Member $120 ($100 if paid by 31 May)

Accommodation Costs

Ski Season (for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast)

Member (and a member's child under 12) $35 per night

Non-member $70 per night

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