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About Arlberg Ski Club

Arlberg Ski Club is a social club oriented towards family and good times. Our aim is to provide facilities for members and their guests to enjoy Mt Ruapehu at an affordable cost. Weekends are the busiest; however it is quite common to find members using the club midweek. Families with young children and teenagers enjoy school holiday weeks. Tertiary students will be there with friends during their holidays. The club has a welcoming atmosphere and is very social.

Arlberg has been designed to facilitate and promote socialising and fun times. Large lounge and dining spaces maintain the lodge and family atmosphere allowing members of all ages to meet and enjoy their stay together. Sleeping accommodation is principally bunk rooms, some rooms have only two bunks, while others have four to seven bunks. There are well appointed, new bathrooms and showers. There's a storage area for skis and snowboards and two drying rooms.

The club has a rich history and over the years has retained many of the original members, their children are now current senior members.


We are currently seeking new members who are interested in becoming part of the club and partaking in the unique mountain experiences. While snow sports are the primary focus, we encourage club members to utilise the club facilities during the summer as much as they like.

Accommodation fees are charged on a per night basis. During the ski season the fees also include dinner breakfast and facilities. These fees are kept very low to encourage occupancy. An even lower bed only rate applies during the summer. Members book their accommodation on-line.

Membership costs include a modest annual subscription which covers general operating costs and helps to maintain the Club's buildings. There is also a one-off joining fee. Details of the current fees are available

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