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Lodge Officer Duties

Who are the Lodge Officers:

Members who have been appointed by the Booking Officer.  Often they will have been requested to attend an informal training session to discuss the duties of the Lodge Officer.

On Arrival

  • Write your name in the space provided on the whiteboard in the foyer as “Duty Lodge Officer”.
  • Check that the power is correctly turned on.
  • Down load the lodge list from the "Bookings Page" on the Arlberg website.
  • If possible liaise with the outgoing Lodge Officer.
  • Check whether food ordered has been correctly delivered.

During your stay

  • Ensure that all occupants are on the booking list. Only people whose names are entered on this list are correctly booked and paid for. If required make a booking on the lodge computor. If there are any issues contact the Booking Secretary for clarification.
  • If possible, make up the next day’s duty list by 8.00pm on the evening before and post it on the notice board.
  • Make sure (in a friendly way) that all duties are satisfactorily carried out over the weekend.
  • For security reasons encourage people to use the day lock at all times and ensure that the door closes properly. When going up skiing in the mornings it must be used. Remind the person who is likely to be the last out to check that it “snips” securely behind them.
    Similarly, check that the deck door is locked and the windows in the toilets and bunkrooms, are closed if the lodge is likely to be empty.
  • Ensure that firewood is brought up regularly and given the opportunity to dry. Be aware that the top of the fire is hot enough to ignite wood stacked on top of it to dry if left unattended. Looking after the fire can be a duty for someone.
  • Make sure that the downstairs drying room is used whenever there are more than ten people and always used when boots and outer clothing are wet.
  • Advise Maintenance Officer of any breakages or maintenance requirements.
  • Check the water level in the tank. If it is below 500mm institute rationing. Advise a committee member of the water shortage and check for any leaking pipe work or taps.
  • Ensure that club rules are obeyed and that occupants are considerate of other lodge users, specifically;
    • People making lunches must bring their own food
    • Everyone MUST use a pillow slip
    • People clean up after themselves, especially in the ski workshop.
    • No smoking whatsoever in the lodge
    • No drinking of alcohol or eating of food in the bunk rooms.
    • Members are responsible for their guests and children


  • Keep an eye on food issued to avoid excessive wastage and ensure that evening meals are varied.
  • Perform a Stock Take on Saturday evening on the form kept on the computer under google docs -> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/  Once completed push the "share" button to inform the food officer.
(if you need to log in the user is "arlbergnz" and the password is "Ruapehu2015")
  • For urgent items email or ring the Food Officer.
  • When food has been collected from the grocery room, check off items against the order sheet.   There should be one with the order.


Be friendly and helpful to any non-members visiting the lodge. You (for Club Sponsored guests) or their member sponsors should look after them and advise them on duties etc.  Remember that they could be prospective new members so please help make their stay pleasant and enjoyable.

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